Financial Services

We are pleased to announce our entrance into the financial services arena.

For many years now, we have been privileged to help clients with traditional accounting services, preparing tax returns and creating financial strategies based on reducing overall tax burden.  A natural part of this process involved discussing the kind of financial products that may be appropriate to help our clients reduce their tax burden.  We have enjoyed this level of client contact, but have wanted to expand our ability to serve clients' financial needs.

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We are licensed in Life and Health Insurance as well as holding a Series 7 Securities license. In addition, our affiliation with The Mooney Group, a financial products and services provider, leaves us better prepared than ever to help you build your future through a personal financial planning process.

By sitting down together, we can better understand exactly where you are financially, where you are going, and how to help you get you there.  Our initial discovery meeting will focus on assessing your current financial situation as well as identifying your priorities, which may include:

     - Accumulation Goals: We can work to develop an understanding your savings needs
       as well as a strategy that can help you achieve them.

     - Asset Allocation: We should discuss what portion of your portfolio holdings you may
       want invested in various asset classes based upon situation and risk tolerance.

     - Retirement Goals: We can help you plan for a more secure retirement.

     - Estate Planning: We can illustrate some methods you may consider for transferring
       your assets.

     - Tax Considerations: While Mooney Group does not provide legal or tax advice,
       we can help you understand the tax implications of various products.

     - Long Term Care, 401(k), Personal 401(k), Health Insurance, Annuities

We would like to sit down with you to discover how we, in conjunction with The Mooney Group, may help you reach your goal.  These services are tailored to address your unique financial situation and investment objectives.  We can also discuss a wide variety of products that
may be of interest to you.

We are very excited about this expansion and hope you would like to hear more. Allow us to look over what plans you have in place.  Please feel free to call our office at (440) 282-1511 if
you have any questions or to make an appointment.  Thank you.

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